Becoming a Manager of Your Own Life

Tuesday 9:45 – 11:45 a.m.
Upstairs Classroom

Every day you are required to make decisions: how to spend your time, how to use your money, what to do about your well-being. Every decision you make plays a role in determining your overall life direction. The goal of this course is to develop practical skills to manage your daily life most effectively and to overcome a feeling that other people or circumstances are controlling your existence and your well-being. Participants will evaluate their self-management, determine strategies to strengthen communication, and learn to ignite and sustain their motivation to become the ultimate managers of their lives.

Please Note: There will be no class on April 25 (WIWC Event). This is an 8-week course.

Instructor: Olga Strakovsky, B. A. Psychology, M. A. Human Systems Intervention