The West Island Women’s Center hold seminars on different topics

Participate in our Seniors’ Social Hour on Fridays

Are you, or a senior in your life, in need of some social contact this fall? We are very pleased to have a Senior Social Hour every Friday at 1pm at the West Island Women's Centre. It will start on Friday, September 25th. All physical distancing measures will be in place, with the group meeting outside as much as possible. This activity is free and anyone interested can register with Nadia at or by calling 514-781-8529.Come join us for informal discussions, a chance to meet others in similar situations, and a relaxed atmosphere that is safe. ...

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Fertility Awareness Seminar

Serena Quebec is the only organization dedicated to natural fertility in Quebec. Recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services and supervised by consulting physicians, supported by a network of volunteers in several areas, the non-profit organization founded in 1955, specializing in the Symptothermal Method is offering a Free Seminar at WIWC. Come to learn about Fertility Awareness and ask all your questions. Free Seminar : Tuesday, February 19, 2019  @ 1 to 3 p.m. Free childcare for preschool-aged children is also available, but you must ...

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Free seminar: Laughter Wellness

Laughing woman with arms outstretched
In this workshop you will learn about the incredible benefits laughter has on the mind and body. You will be guided through warm-up exercises and during the workout will alternate between laughter exercises, rhythmic clapping, and deep breathing exercises. They are designed to simulate laughter in a group setting with eye contact, childlike playfulness allowing for real, contagious hearty laughter to flow from the body. Throughout the exercises, positive energy builds and positive feelings emerge. Come and experience this very fun and interactive workshop in a safe ...

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Separation – Women’s Wealth and Wisdom Seminar Part 2

January 29, 2019 at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Ravit Rose, Mother, Divorce Broker, Divorce Coach and Author of Unwanted Nasty Divorces: One passionate mother's quiet revolution of discovery. How to end the struggle of divorce and survive the journey. Part II - Dr Gagnon will talk about strategies towards Financial Independence and how Financial Health affect our Lifestyle Choices Please register for the seminar and childcare by calling the office at  514-695-8529, or by e-mailing

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