Beginner’s French

Friday 9:45 – 11:45 a.m.bienvenue
Childcare Room 2

This introductory class is designed for women with little or no background in French. Participants will begin by learning basic pronunciation, grammar, spelling, and conjugation. Through conversational activities, you will learn to meet and greet people, as well as practice basic communication for other daily life situations. The course will be adapted to your needs and the instructor will guide you through your language learning process.

Important information:

  • There is no class on Nov. 8. The last class is on Nov. 29. This is a 10-week course.

Instructor: Hasnaa Rzouzi, Baccalauréat en Droit Français, Maitrise en Politiques Publiques, Certificat en Développment de carrière

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