Thursday 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Upstairs Classroom

pencils and paperDrawing is fundamental to all art making. This course encourages students to observe and visually express the spaces and shapes that make up both their close environment and the imagined. Using simple tools and time-honoured techniques, students will explore the creative process of sketching using the following: value, tone, shading, gesture and contour line, crosshatching, and perspective. Homework sketching assignments are not mandatory; however, completing them and follow-up with further experimentation is encouraged.

Delivery methods include live demonstrations, slideshow presentations, group discussions and critiques as well as individual instruction. The objectives of the course are to improve observation skills; develop increased awareness of the spatial relationship between objects, planes; expand vocabulary to express abstract concepts; and provide informed feedback during a critique.

Materials List (* indicates required):

• Newsprint pad 18″ x 24″ *
• Sketchbook – 11″ x 14″ *
• Notebook – 100 pages+ (any size)
• Bristol board – 2 sheets for Portfolio, 20″ x 28″, bright colour, taped on three sides

• Vine charcoal, soft (several pieces) *
• Compressed charcoal
• Conte crayons – white, brown, and sepia (soft) *

• Set of Pencils: range of leads from 4H to 6B (Staedtler, Derwent, Cretacolor, Koh-I-Noor) * 2B, 4B
• 1 sharpener *

• Kneadable eraser
• Staedler or other white plastic eraser *
• Metal eraser shield

• Drawing Board 23″ x 26″ and 4 bulldog clips (optional)
• Ruler, 12 inches or longer *
• Artist kit box, or fishing tackle box
• Small bottle of India Ink
• Small bottle of distilled water
• Small watercolour brush, Chinese brushes (optional)
• Watercolor pencils

Instructor: Ann Kallaste-Kruzelecky, B.F.A. (Concordia University)

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