Gentle Toning – Low Intensity

Friday 1:15 – 2:30 p.m.

This is a small group training class that allows you to work out at a slower pace and feel the target muscles working. The focus is on posture and the joints — even the small ones! We are always bent forward, so the back of the body will be worked more. Gait and balance will be challenged and the full range of motion of the muscles will be worked. This is a class that will leave you feeling a little straighter! Exercises will have options, allowing the participant to make a choice that works for her body.

Important information:

  • Equipment will be provided by the instructor and the Centre.

Please Note: There is no class on Nov. 8.  The last class is on Dec. 6. This is an 11-week course.

Instructor: Diane Roseman, B. Ed. (Phys. Ed.)

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