Kodomo (Kids’) Karate (4-5 yrs)

Kodomo Karate S13Thursday 1:00 – 1:45 p.m.

What do whoopee cushions, pool noodles and paper plates have to do with martial arts? Your child will find out in this fun and entertaining class!

Kodomo Karate is a program designed specifically to introduce preschool-aged children to the beautiful world of traditional martial arts. However, Kodomo is dynamic, fun and allows young children to harness their natural energy in a positive manner. Each week, our instructor will use a different “theme” to explore “dojo etiquette,” basic karate techniques, and even some Japanese terminology. Please remember that mothers must remain in the building while their children attend this class. Children should wear loose comfortable clothing.

Instructor: Meghan Greig, 2nd degree black belt in Wado Kai Karate

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