Tai Chi

Thursday 2:00 –  3:00 p.m.

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art that brings numerous health benefits to your body, mind and spirit. It helps improve strength, flexibility, balance, memory and cardiovascular health, and calms the mind and nervous system. This class offers a yoga warm-up, meditative Qi Gong and Tai Chi. The Tai Chi portion of the class is broken down into two parts: static postures (to help build strength) and Tai Chi flow (a series of slow relaxed movements to promote “chi,” or energy circulation, in the body). This class is suitable for all fitness levels. Please bring a yoga mat, comfortable shoes, and a water bottle to class.

Please Note: The last class is on June 6. This is an 8-week course.

Instructor: Chantal Barrette, Master Level in Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Iron Wing Kung Fu, Advanced Level in Brazilian Jiujitsu

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