Empower with Improv

IMPROVFriday 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Upstairs Classroom

Interested in trying something new? Well look no further! Improv is the collaborative process of creating something out of nothing. In this course, participants will learn to expand what is possible through spontaneous interaction. Through the imaginative experience of improv comes an exploration and development of such skills as adaptability, awareness of self and others, and problem solving. Need more reasons to take an improv course? To spark creativity, think faster, fail better, meet new people, laugh more, worry less, listen intently, empathize freely, face fear, let go, live in the moment, work efficiently, take action, trust more! Join this group to explore and push your boundaries in a welcoming environment.

Please Note: Fall 2015 Session: There is no class on November 13.

Instructor: Amanda Silveira, D.E.C. Professional Theatre (John Abbott), B.A. Human Resources (Concordia)