Introduction to Mandala Art

Mandala Art F13Thursday 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Childcare Room 2

In this course, participants will explore the Mandala, the spiritual and ritual symbol used by some religions to represent the universe. The instructor will begin by reviewing the origins and traditions of Mandalas and then introduce the tools and art media students will use to express themselves through their own mandala art creations. Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms; they can contain recognizable images that carry meaning for the person who is creating it.  Mandalas can be inspirational tools for creativity and relaxation, expressions of sacred geometry and universal symbols, as well as a means to self-discovery and healing. Participants will construct and create their own personal mandalas in various forms using different media including drawing, painting and collage.

Participants will need the following supplies:

  • Lead pencils, HB and 2B
  • Pencil sharpener and eraser
  • Colour pencils and markers
  • A compass and straight edge ruler
  • Paint: a small kit of gouache or watercolour paints (12 colours)
  • A tablet of Bond or drawing paper 9″ x 12″ or 11″ x 14″
  • Old magazines and printed materials: maps, flyers, old pictures, old post cards

Instructor: Linda Liu
Please Note: The WIWC’s free childcare service is not available during evening courses.