Positive Psychology in the Emotional Well-Being Journey

Friday 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Upstairs Classroomkarate-bradley-resilience

Our exploration of emotional well-being will continue with an 8-week course on positive psychology with Psychologist Melinda Morros. This course will focus on integrating up-to-date research and practical strategies from the exciting area of positive psychology into our individual and collective journeys towards emotional well-being and resilience. The course will include a discussion on using our strengths to find meaning and fulfillment. Participants will have an opportunity to explore their goals, challenges, and triumphs in the area of emotional well-being.

Please Note: The last class will be on June 3. This is a 8-week course.

Instructor: Melinda Morros, M.A., Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist