10 Conversations Workshops

Fall 2013: Friday Morning Workshop Series: 10 Conversations to Have with Your Children

Join the discussion! In this workshop series, you will learn about the 10 talks every parent should have with their children about sex and character. In our ever-changing society, one thing has never changed. It is our need to open a dialogue with our offspring without embarrassing ourselves or them. Each week, Monique Caissie, a family life educator and life skills coach, will explore 1 of the 10 talks. You will have an opportunity to evaluate your own morals and values, learn about outcomes other parents have had, hear sample conversations, and join in a group discussion – all in a warm, supportive environment. Come strengthen your communication and parenting skills! Whether you are the parent of a young child, a teen, a young adult — the time is always right to pick up a few more parenting tips.

  • What they Don’t Talk About in School…Character!
  • The Confusing Gift of Puberty and Body Changes
  • Talking About Boundaries
  • Talking About Healthy Relationships
  • Talking About Attraction and Love
  • Talking About Trust and Honesty
  • Talking About TV, Movies and Music
  • Cyberspace and Sexuality
  • Talking About Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • The Value of Talking About Values