Quilting – 3D Appliqued Art Quilt

20131030_084038_vubpbcMonday 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Childcare Room 2

This session, participants will create a three-dimensional art quilt using a design created by Kumiko Sudo. The quilt will incorporate appliqué, sashiko quilting, and a form of origami/fabric manipulation to achieve the 3D effect. Open to quilters of all levels, the project will include learning to appliqué, measure, mark, design, cut, and complete the piece. For the first class, please bring a ruler, pencil and coloured pencils. At the first class, we will discuss fabric selection, batting and colour choice. The supply list, which will be reviewed at the first meeting, includes:

  • Clover chacopy paper
  • Clover blunt tracing wheel
  • cutting mat
  • sew, quilt and embroidery needles
  • sewing and embroidery threads
  • pins
  • paper and fabric scissors (a rotary cutter if available)
  • plastic template sheet
  • water-soluble fabric marker

Instructor: Debbie Soll