Spring Themes in Childcare

Week 1 April 15-18

Celebrating Easter and Welcoming Spring!

Week 2  April 23-26 

Earth Day  and Spring cleaning!  The many ways we can protect our Earth!

We will also do an item exchange event  for Earth day! Moms and kids can bring a small toy or book and choose a small item to take home. This will teach the kids the benefits of recycling!

Week 3: April 29-03
Spring Fling in Childcare! Planting Seeds and first flowers of Spring!

Week 4: May 6-10
Special surprises for Mother’s Day all week! Lots of little gifts just for mom in preparation for Mother’s Day!

Week 5: May 13-17
Things that fly in spring!

Week 6: May 21-24
Sunshine sunflowers and ladybugs

Week 7: May 27-31

Caterpillars and Beautiful Butterflies

Week 8: June 03-07

Hawaiian pool party! Water play inside and outside plus under the sea creatures!

Week 9: June 10-14

Animals we see at the farm and Things that crawl in the summer!

There will be some other fun Themed Days like  Crazy Hair day , Silly Hat day, Pyjama day, Graduation for our preschoolers and More!