Winter Session Themes in Childcare

Welcome to our winter session!

This session the children will enjoy experiencing the joys of sensory play, free play, and learning about winter and planets and so much more! January will be a month of discovery!

January Themes

Week 1

Since we have so much of it we will bring some snow inside to play with! We will also have a nighttime sensory bin filled with stars for contrast. We will focus on cold and warmth and how winter makes us feel.

Snowman with bucket hatWeek 2

We will continue with day and night skies and examine the differences and how they make us feel. Again the sensory bins and bottles will come into play!

Week 3

We will examine how our animals, wildlife and fish cope with winter! We’ll also look at how  penguins, sheep, polar bears and puppy dogs play in winter. We will finish the week with a pet clinic. We’ll have animals visit and a community helper that takes care of animals will come to visit also!