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COVID Coma: Dealing With Grief And Loss

Evening webinar:
Tuesday, May 26 @7pm
**To register sign up here or email Nadia at outreach@wiwc.ca

Daytime webinar:
Wednesday, May 27 @1pm
**To register sign up here or email Nadia at outreach@wiwc.ca

Have you been trying to sort out how you feel during this challenging time? Do you want to learn more about the process we go through trying to reconcile what is happening to all of us right now?

If you are feeling any sense of loss or grief due to this pandemic, or if you have experienced upheaval with your employment or family situation, or if you are going through a challenging time with your own health or that of a family member or friend, this webinar will help provide some perspective and support.

Register for a free evening or daytime webinar through these links and stay tuned for more webinar topics that psychologist Marianne Van Oyen will cover over the next month.

Deconfinement: What you need to know!

Thursday, May 28 @1pm
**To register sign up here or email Kristin at programming@wiwc.ca


Presenter: Frédérique Lissoir is an entrepreneur and a lawyer. Co-founder of Propulsio 360° business consultants since 2015, she specializes in organizing her clients’ creativity and managing their growth. 

This one-hour free webinar will cover many different topics related to the upcoming deconfinement of the greater Montreal area. Frédérique will cover the following information:

  • The difference between confinement/deconfinement and emergency measures of the City of Montreal (up to July 2nd).
  • Regional regulations for deconfinement (what is open and what isn’t open). 
  • What does it mean for businesses to buy material/gear or build procedures for deconfinement.
  • Discussion on RQ credit for home offices.
  • Questions that Frédérique regularly encounters regarding provincial and municipal regulations.

If you have any questions about deconfinement that you would like to ask Frédérique, please email them to programming@wiwc.ca or you can ask your questions during the webinar through the Zoom chat feature.