12 Days of Holiday Fun

Each day on Facebook, we will post a new opportunity to discover the wonderful and amazing parts of our lives. For those not on Facebook, we wanted to share with you what we will post each day.

Day 1: There are many parks and green spaces around the West Island – send us a photo of your favourite place!

Day 2: What’s your favourite holiday treat? Send us a photo of what you most enjoy during this season.

Day 3: What was your favourite winter activity when you were young? Snow angels, snowmen, discovering holiday lights in your neighbourhood? Share with a photo of you enjoying your favourite childhood winter experience!

Day 4: Is there a neighbour that could use help with shovelling? Someone that could really use a cookie pick-me-up? A favourite charity that you’ve been meaning to donate to? Take a photo of the tools that you will use to share the warmth of the holiday season!

Day 5: If you could go anywhere is the world, where do you want visit? Find your favourite photo online of your dream location, take a photo of your screen, and share it with us. We’ll join you on this imaginary journey!

Day 6: If you could go to one place in the city/borough that you live in, where is it? Go back there and send us a photo of your happy place!

Day 7: What is your favourite book? Read chapter 1 to remember why you can get lost in the pages again. Send us a photo of the cover of this book!

Day 8: Is there somewhere in the West Island that you have always wanted to visit? Take the opportunity today to discover a hidden treasure. Send us a photo of your new discovery!

Day 9: Who is the person in your life that makes your life a little brighter? Surprise them with a call, text, or message to let them know you’re thinking of them. Send us a selfie of yourself smiling!

Day 10: We have walked a lot in the past year but maybe there is a corner of your neighbourhood that you haven’t walked through. Find the street sign in this corner of your world and send us a photo of it!

Day 11: If you could choose one thing today to unwind and relax, what would it be? We can all benefit from a bit of relaxation, so take whatever time you can to enjoy doing this. Take a photo of anything that’s around you when you kick up your feet!

Day 12: As we head into a new year, resolutions can sometimes be daunting. Instead, what is one small promise that you can make to ease some of the stress in your life? Find an object that represents this promise and send us your photo of it!

Send any photos to director@wiwc.ca – we will put together a collage of all these experiences in the new year.