Volunteers are essential to our organization. To find out about volunteer opportunities at the Women’s Centre please email womenscentre@wiwc.ca or call 514-695-8529.

Volunteers sit on our board of directors and committees and help out in many other ways.

Committee Work

The Centre has several large committees and a couple of smaller ones as well. The two largest committees are programming and fundraising/special events. The programming committee is responsible for organizing the three sessions of courses offered each year. The major responsibility of the fundraising committee is to organize the fundraisers of the year. In recent years, much of the fundraising committee’s energies have been devoted to a fall silent auction.

Other Volunteer Work

Volunteers assist with all our publicity efforts, work in the office, create our newsletters, prepare registration packages, assemble furniture, help out at registrations, fundraisers, and special events — and much more!  Each year, new volunteer opportunities come up and we are always fortunate to have volunteers to fill those jobs.