Emergency Procedures

You can never be too prepared for emergencies. Please take a few moments to read over this important information.

If you bring children to our childcare service, it is important to know that the childcare workers have a clear protocol to follow in the case of a fire emergency. It is as follows:

  • The childcare team will choose the nearest safe exit.
  • The team will lead the children in a single file out of the room.
    (Remember that all children of walking age should have shoes in childcare at all times.) One worker will be at the front of the line; a second worker will be at the back of the line. Extra workers  guide the line along. Babies are carried in the workers’ arms or in their carriers.
  • The group will proceed to the safe zone, making sure they are as
    far as they can be from the point of danger.
  • Moms will meet the group at the safe zone to pick up their children.
    (The childcare team will stay with the children until every last child is picked up by his/her member.)

What is your role as a member to ensure that our fire emergency
plan runs smoothly? Follow these important steps:

  1. Evacuate the building immediately by the nearest safe exit and go to the safe zone.
  2. If you have children in childcare, YOU CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO INTO THE CHILDCARE ROOM TO SEARCH FOR YOUR CHILD(REN). The children are being evacuated from the building by the childcare team and will be expecting you outside at one of the safe zones.
  3. Once outside, mothers/legal guardians go to the safe zone and pick up their children from the childcare workers. Make sure the childcare worker or the childcare supervisor is aware that you are leaving with your child(ren).If you do not have children in childcare, stay in the safe zone with your class until you hear further news.

We take very seriously the safety of our members and their children. Please think about your role in our fire emergency plan, and the next time you are at the Women’s Centre, take a fresh look at your surroundings.
Check for the location of the fire exits, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm pull stations. Your understanding and commitment to our fire safety measures are vital.


When evacuating the building, the closest exits are:

  • The parking lot entrance on Vincennes Avenue.
  • The north door, which is located in the stairwell leading to the Upstairs Classroom.
  • The east door on Rodney Avenue near the St. Columba church offices. To access this door, exit the Women’s Centre’s main hallway entrance and turn right. Pass the washrooms and the kitchen entrance. The stairwell leading to this exit is on your right.


For each exit, there is a designated “safe zone” where the childcare workers, children, and class participants will gather.

Exit Safe Zone
Parking lot entrance
on Vincennes
The large tree on the hill near Vincennes Avenue.
North Door On the grass to the left, near Rodney Avenue.
Rodney Exit
(church offices)
On the grass near Rodney Avenue.