Childcare Rules & Regulations

Cancelling Your Spot

If your child(ren) will not need childcare on any given day, YOU ARE REQUIRED to phone 514-695-8529 or e-mail as soon as possible to cancel the spot. Knowing how many children to expect allows the childcare staff to adapt their program and work schedule. When you call or e-mail, please give the reason for the cancellation. If your child has come down with a contagious disease, please let us know.

Any member who forgets to call or e-mail to cancel will be asked to donate $1.00 per child to a “Baby Kitty” to help defray the cost of new toys and materials.

Arriving for Childcare

Members are asked to drop off their children with a childcare worker at the entrance to the childcare room. Children are accepted in childcare 10 minutes before a class is scheduled to begin, no earlier. It is very difficult for the Centre to accommodate early birds.

Please make an extra effort to arrive for your classes on time if you are bringing children to the childcare service. It can be upsetting to the children already in childcare when a mother appears at the door some time after their own mothers have left. They start to expect their mothers to come to collect them and understandably get upset when that does not happen.

Unauthorized Persons Are Not Permitted in Childcare

The childcare supervisor strictly controls who is permitted in the childcare room while children are on site.

Parents must Remain on the Premises

Parents must remain in the building while their children are in class or in the childcare room. Note that mothers participating in off-site courses (“Stroller Fit” for example) are asked to sign a special waiver if they are using the childcare service.

Snack Time

Please bring in snacks for your child if he/she will be in childcare on the following days and times:

  • Monday through Friday mornings if your child will be in childcare for a full two hours
  • Monday through Friday afternoons

If your child really wants to have his/her snack at the Centre even though he/she will not be at the Centre for two hours, we will certainly accommodate this. And, of course, we will be happy to give your young child a bottle outside the official snack times if necessary.

Appropriate Snack Items

When packing a snack for your child, remember to label any food or drink (baby bottles included) you bring with your child’s last name. If you forget to label your child’s items, you will find labels and a pen on the bookshelf outside the childcare room. Food should be in a labelled disposable bag or plastic container. Suggested snacks:

  • Baked “fishy” crackers
  • Any other type of plain crackers
  • Cut-up fruit (but no grapes please)

Absolutely no snack products with nuts are permitted.

Emergency Waiver for Children with Epipens

In our continued effort to ensure the safety and security of all the children in our childcare service, members whose children carry an Epipen are asked to complete a special waiver form. The form grants the childcare supervisor and the childcare workers permission to administer the Epipen if required.

In addition, we require members who have a child with a special medical condition (such as a life-threatening allergy or asthma) to provide a photograph of the child. We will place the photo (and, if required, the Epipen) in an area of the childcare room that is readily accessible to all the childcare workers. This is an established practice in preschools and elementary schools.

Children Are Not Permitted in Women’s Courses/Cannot Be Left Unattended

Children are warmly welcomed in the childcare service and at courses and activities specifically designed for them. However, please do not bring a child with you to your class or leave your child unattended at the Centre. Your cooperation will enable your fellow members to enjoy their classes without interruption.

Diaper Changes

Instead of bringing a diaper bag to childcare, moms with babies in diapers are encouraged to choose one of the following options:

  • Bring 12 diapers and a labelled pack of wipes at the beginning of each session or
  • Bring a labelled disposable bag with a diaper and wipes each time you come to the Centre.

Unless otherwise informed, the childcare workers will change diapers. If you change your child’s diaper at the Centre, please do not dispose of the diaper on church premises. You can bring the diaper to the childcare room and the staff will dispose of it or you can bring it home with you.

Picking Up Your Children

Here are the golden rules for picking up your children from childcare:

  1. Please go to the childcare room to collect your children as soon as your class ends. Once you have your child, please move away from the childcare door to avoid congestion in that area. The changeover time between classes can be quite hectic so we really appreciate your cooperation.
  2. Remember that the moment you pick up your children from childcare, they become your responsibility. In other words, once the childcare workers have handed over your children, you must keep a watchful eye on them. Please do not let your child run up and down our long hallway — accidents happen!

Strollers, Wagons, Bicycles, etc.

Please do not bring strollers, wagons, bicycles, etc., inside the building. These items can be a dangerous obstacle for adults and children when left in the entrances or hallways. Please also be sure to leave the space clear outside the building along the entrance pathways.

Bring Shoes for Your Child

If your child is of walking age, make sure he or she has a pair of shoes to wear while in childcare. Should there ever be an emergency and we have to evacuate the building, it is very important that all of the children have shoes.

Do Not Bring Toys or Other Objects from Home

Please ensure that your child does not bring objects from home into the childcare room. This includes chewing gum and coins, which are both safety hazards. It is also important that your child does not bring toys from home. Often these toys get misplaced or cause disputes among the children.


Help us keep the spread of illness to a minimum. Children with fevers, rashes, coughs, or colds should not be brought to the Centre. Remember to notify the Centre by telephone (514-695-8529) or e-mail ( as soon as possible if you need to cancel your spot.

Not Sure Whether Your Child Is too Sick to Come to the Centre?

It is okay to bring a child to the Centre if he/she has a runny nose with clear secretions. However, please do not bring your child if the nose secretions are mucousy and not clear. Do not bring your child if he or she has a cough. If you suspect your child has a fever coming on, please keep your child at home. We would like to do our best to keep the spread of illness to a minimum.

And, of course, you are not permitted to bring a sick child to the Centre because he/she is too sick to go to his/her other activity. If a child is too sick for daycare/preschool, he/she is also too sick to come to our childcare service.

Infectious Diseases Policy

In the best interest of everyone, we ask that our members inform us of any cases of infectious diseases (i.e. chicken pox, fifth disease, etc.). When infectious diseases are reported, we will inform our members by e-mail. This is intended only as an information service to our members, and we cannot guarantee we will have knowledge of every case. The West Island Women’s Centre cannot be held responsible should anyone be exposed to an infectious disease.

Helping Children with Separation Issues

If you are using our childcare service for the first time (particularly if you have only left your child in the care of family members), it is completely understandable that you or your child may find the first days in childcare a little daunting. Rest assured, however, that the childcare staff will do everything they can to make your child’s stay a positive experience. They will do their best to help you and your child settle in to this new routine. The best advice we can give mothers new to our childcare service is “Don’t give up!” Experience tells us that before long, both you and your child will look forward to his/her time with us.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our childcare service, please get in touch with our childcare supervisor by e-mailing or calling 514-695-8529, Ext. 205.