Registration Procedures

The Women’s Centre’s childcare service is highly valued by mothers. It enables them to participate in the daytime courses and activities at our organization. At the time they register for courses, members can register their children for the free childcare service.

Childcare is also available during the Centre’s free seminars, some special events and outreach programs. Members (and guests) sign up for childcare when they sign up for these special activities.

In recent years, the Women’s Centre has expanded the scope of the service to better serve the changing needs of our membership. The service is now available for occasional use for members’ children (up to 8 years). Members are requested to pay a suggested donation for this extra service. More information is provided below.

Eligibility for Childcare

There is no minimum age for the childcare service. In fact, our childcare team has cared for babies as young as two weeks. On the other end of the spectrum, a child may be registered for our childcare service each session until he/she is 6 years of age.

Registering Your Children

All members intending to use our childcare service while taking courses are required to register their preschool-aged children in the space provided on the course and childcare registration form. Please note: It is necessary to register your children for childcare each session.

But Before Your Register … Evaluate Your Needs

Please think carefully about your childcare needs. In the interest of fairness to all, please register your children for childcare only if you are certain you will use the service regularly. It is very unfortunate when members are unable to enroll in courses because the childcare service is full. This is especially troublesome when members who do register for childcare do not end up using the service regularly.

  • If, for example, your child is in daycare on a regular basis, please do not register a spot for him/her in the Centre’s childcare service. On those rare days when you want to use our childcare service for the child, you will need to use the occasional childcare option (see below).
  • If you have registered your child for our childcare service but your situation changes (your child has started to go to daycare, for example), please inform the childcare service without delay.

Occasional Childcare Service (PED Days Included)

Members may request temporary childcare for children from birth to 8 years for the following reasons:

  • When the child’s usual activity/childcare arrangement is not available. Possible reasons include a school PED day; preschool holiday; daycare holiday; or the temporary unavailability of the usual childcare arrangement.
  • When the child is the younger sibling of a child participating in a course on his/her own at the Centre.

Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis and will depend on childcare availability. Please note the following:

  • The service is only available for current members for their own children while they are either participating in courses or waiting during a children’s course at the Centre.
  • The member must remain in the building at all times while her child is in childcare. The childcare staff needs to be able to reach you quickly in case of an emergency or other issue.
  • Sick children are not accepted in the childcare service and those deemed sick upon arrival will be turned away. If the child is sick on the day he/she is registered for occasional childcare, then the spot must be cancelled. If the member does not cancel the spot, a $2.00 donation per child will be requested.

How To Register for Occasional Childcare:

Follow these steps to register your child for occasional childcare:

  • E-mail Childcare Supervisor Christa Liesemer at to reserve a spot for your child. You may reserve the spot up to one week before you need it.
  • The childcare supervisor will be in touch to let you know if there is space for your child on the requested day and time. Remember that we can only accept your child if space is available.
  • You will need to complete an “Occasional Childcare Registration Form and Waiver” when you drop off your child.
  • You are requested to pay a suggested donation of $5 per child.

Members must register their own children — please do not register on behalf of someone else or bring along someone else’s child.

IMPORTANT: If you are not able to use the Centre’s Occasional Childcare service, you must make other childcare arrangements for your children. NOTE THAT YOU MAY NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO CLASS OR LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED AT THE CENTRE.

For Secondary Guardians: How to Register the Child(ren) in Your Care

If you are the secondary guardian of a child (a daycare provider, a grandparent caring for a grandchild on a regular basis, for example) and would like to enroll the child(ren) in a class or bring them to childcare, it is important to keep in mind that the mother/legal guardian of the child must become a member of the Centre.

In addition, if the babysat child will be in childcare, the mother/legal guardian must complete a special childcare registration form. This form explains the policies and procedures governing the use of the West Island Women’s Centre’s childcare service and outlines the secondary guardian’s responsibility with respect to the babysat child(ren) while they are in childcare at the Centre. For more information, please get in touch with the WIWC office (514-695-8529).

Note that members are not allowed to bring other members’ children to childcare unless they are the secondary guardian of the child.

When You Register … Include Your Child’s Medical Information

Please help us to keep your children healthy and safe at the Women’s Centre by making sure you provide up-to-date information about your children’s medical needs/concerns on the child registration form. If there have been any changes to your child’s medical information, please inform the WIWC staff by calling 514-695-8529.