New Baby Support Group – Spring 2022

Taking care of new babies can be a demanding and sometimes bewildering experience.

Add to that the challenge of:

  • functioning with little (or no) sleep;
  • fluctuating hormones;
  • learning new skills (swaddling techniques, anyone?);
  • managing other people’s expectations and offers of “help”;
  • decision-making based on an avalanche of ever-changing opinions, advice, and research;
  • And getting to know a teeny new human that is utterly helpless and dependent…

Is it any wonder that most mothers of small babies describe themselves as feeling overwhelmed?

This support group for mothers of new babies (less than 12 months old) is a regularly scheduled drop-in meeting where mothers can show up just as they are and discuss the issues they are finding most challenging at the moment. Messy hair, messy kitchens and messy ideas are all welcome and appreciated. 


Elizabeth Hunt has been creating spaces for learning and conversation for the past two decades. Mama to two former babies, now aged 10 and 12, Elizabeth is dedicated to upheaving traditional notions of “expertise” and instead creating spaces where participants’ experience, knowledge, and ways of knowing are put front and centre.

Free childcare is available during in person meetings, you must reserve your spot.

The group alternates between in person and online meetings, following this schedule:

Wednesdays, 1:00-2:30 p.m.

In person:  April 13, 27, May 18, June 1

Online: April 20, May 4, 25

To sign-up:

This activity is free and anyone interested can register with Nadia at or by calling 514-781-8529.