Employment Connections Workshops/Online

Are you looking to get into the workforce but don’t know where to start? Are you working at an unfulfilling job, and dreaming of finding something better? This free online workshop is for any woman that’s looking for employment, needing help to prepare for interviews, and would like guidance through the job search process

The WIWC Employment Connections Workshop is designed to guide you through the job search process by helping you:
Create a dynamic CV and cover letter
Practice your interview skills
Create a Linkedin profile, and explore how to use it
Figure out what kind of work is best for you

Important information:
This workshop begins on February 19th. There will be no workshop on March 12th. This is a 5 week session and the last workshop will be on March 26.

Register today! https://www.amilia.com/…/west…/shop/activities/3696525

Thanks to funding through the WIWC New Connections Program, we are able to offer this workshop for women in our community.
Facilitator: Terry Pampena, Conseillère en gestion de carrière – Programme placement en emploi
If you have any questions about this free workshop, please contact Nadia at outreach@wiwc.ca.


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