Protecting yourself online: Staying safe in a digital world

2-3 p.m. Session

Are you curious about staying safe in our digital world and protecting your online security, privacy, and reputation? This interactive and informative workshop will explore these topics and more, helping you navigate your digital life and use technology responsibly.

Presenter: Callayna Bajer

Callayna Bajer was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal in 2013 to study at Concordia University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Environment and Urban Studies. During her last year of university Callayna took an internship course which led her to TELUS, and began working at TELUS right away after graduation. Callayna’s role is the National Strategic Planner in the Real Estate department, and she is fortunate to enjoy what she does every day! Callayna became a TELUS Wise Ambassador to help spread the importance of online safety. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, watching movies and spending quality time with family.