Pointe-Claire Block Parents

Block parents imageWe are proud to announce the re-establishment of Block Parents in our community, thanks to the initiative of one parent planting a seed and watching it grow into public interest on the West Island and, finally, into community groups.

In Pointe-Claire, we started as a few parents interested in developing and maintaining our small-town feel of community while dealing with a larger-city population. Seeing as knowing thy neighbour is not always that easy, particularly when there are 31 000 of them, we had to look to other ways we could bring the community together to create a safe and pleasant environment for the people of Pointe-Claire.

By bringing Block Parent back into Pointe-Claire, we are able to provide safe havens for children and the elderly in distress, two ever-growing populations in Pointe-Claire; by creating a network of citizens throughout the city. Through this creation of “neighbourhood watch” we hope to encourage and nurture citizens’ ease with being out in the community to benefit from all that our lovely city has to offer.

As a community organization it is our mission to work with the citizens:

  • By providing information about the Block Parents Program.
  • By involving the citizens of Pointe-Claire and other community groups in joining Pointe-Claire Block Parents.
  • By fostering a sense of security within our neighbourhoods.

We hope to see you at our events and we encourage interested citizens to make inquiries about becoming a Block Parent, joining the committee or finding out other ways to become involved.