Finding the strength to continue being strong: Caregivers of children with challenging needs

3-4 p.m. Session

Raising a child that has challenging needs can mean drawing upon a lot of personal strength and resources. This session will cover how to take care of yourself so that you can continue to be strong for your own child.

Presenter: Lyne Charlebois

A McGill University graduate, Lyne Charlebois has been working in early childhood with a disadvantaged population for over 15 years. She began her financial career at Laurentian Bank, where she remained for eight years, before devoting herself to educating her two young sons who were born with Tourette Syndrome.

Treasurer and bookkeeper for a nursery school for many years, Lyne enrolled her youngest son in WIAIH’s Pat Roberts Development Centre, where she quickly became a volunteer, then assistant and finally manager of this specialized centre for nine years.

In September 2017, Lyne was promoted to Executive Director, overseeing all of WIAIH’s activities and its 95 employees. In the last two years, she has raised the profile of the organization in the community, particularly in the business community, as she continues to raise awareness about the needs of individuals living with an autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability and of their families.

Lyne is also actively involved in the West Island community, having been recruited for her expertise by various committees and focus groups. A sought-after partner, she emphasizes the challenges and needs of people with disabilities and their families. Over the years, she has become a resource person for many collaborators, as well as for the development of several projects.