WIWC Programs for Members

The West Island Women’s Centre is open from mid September to mid June. During that time, we offer a variety of programs to our membership and the general public.

Day and Evening courses

Courses are offered to our members. Courses run weekly for the length of our sessions. Registration is required. Course fees vary. Click here to see the schedule at a glance for the upcoming session.

Free Seminars/Wellness clinics

Seminars/Wellness clinics: are offered several times per session and are open to the general public. Seminars are free, however registration is required.

WIWC Outreach Programs

The Women’s Centre also offers outreach initiatives to women and girls beyond our core membership.  These programmes include:

Teen Workshops

The Women’s Centre is offering two workshops for female adolescents in West Island Schools Girls Online and Sex and Sexuality. Each workshop series consists of 4 to 6 one-hour workshops designed for Secondary I – III female teens.

MNC Programme

Making New Connections is the theme of a series of meetings for immigrant women living in the West Island. The program covers the local school system and health care, activities, services and more.

Support Groups

The women’s centre offers support groups allowing women to meet other women who share similar characteristics or experiences. Participants can share, support each other and receive information and advice.

Time for Two

“Time for Two,” is a music appreciation and crafts programme for vulnerable families in the territory of the CLSC Lac St. Louis. The programme serves families headed by young mothers, low-income families, or families who have recently immigrated to our country.