Reminders About the Childcare Service

Don’t Forget!

  • Call 514-695-8529 ext. 205 or e-mail if you do not need childcare today. When you call or e-mail, please let us know your name, the time your child would be in childcare, your child’s name and the reason for the cancellation.
  • You may only bring the children you have registered for childcare. We cannot accommodate occasional drop-ins and non-registered siblings.
  • Do not bring school-aged children to the Centre on PED Days or other school holidays unless you have signed up for our Occasional Childcare Service. You may not bring your school-aged children to your class or leave them unattended outside the class.
  • Label any food or drink you bring to Childcare with your child’s last name. Suggested snacks: baked “fishy” crackers or any other type of plain crackers and cut-up fruit (but no grapes please!)
  • No nuts please! Remember that snack products with nuts are prohibited.
  • Arrive on time and leave promptly. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. As soon as your class ends, please pick up your child.
  • Shoes please! All children of walking age should have a pair of shoes to wear in Childcare.
  • If your child is feeling sick, do not bring him/her to the Centre. Do not bring a child with a fever, rash, cough or cold to the Centre.
  • Let us know if your child comes down with an infectious disease. We do our best to inform our members of infectious diseases.
  • Keep us informed of your child’s medical information. Let us know if your child has a medical condition, including allergies.
  • Do not bring toys from home.
  • You must remain in the building while your child is in a course or childcare.