Women Entrepreneurs: Bringing your ideas to life

2-3 p.m. Session

Do you have a great business idea that you want to share with the world but do not know where to begin? Are you starting a business and would like to learn more about what to do? This session will cover the important things to consider and show you how you can take this step.

Presenter: Frédérique Lissoir

Frédérique Lissoir is an entrepreneur and a lawyer. Co-founder of Propulsio 360° business consultants since 2015, she specializes in organizing her clients’ creativity and managing their growth. Frédérique has helped build a large number of companies in various fields such as technology, social economy and other innovative business models. Frédérique assists her clients in their efforts to build a viable structure for their business, all while trying to gauge their potential in order to support them towards achieving their goals.

Very involved in the Startup and entrepreneurship world, Frédérique is invested in various projects led by the Regroupement des Jeunes chambres de Commerce (RJCCQ) and has notably served as vice-president of the regional development of entrepreneurship in 2016. In partnership with the RJCCQ, Frédérique has contributed to developing the Coupe des Startup, a major enterprise aimed at establishing and promoting a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada. Frédérique is acting as a partner of the project for the third consecutive year in 2020 and has been travelling across the country to participate in the various events in her role as an expert. Lawyer by trade and first practicing business law within a large international firm based in Montreal, and then within her own company since 2015, Frédérique has the pleasure of meeting with entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis and to advocate for issues that they face.

Frédérique is a polyglot and globetrotter with diverse fields of interest; her many trips have led her to work for NGOs in Africa and Central America. She has also immersed herself in Chinese business law practices, as an intern in a prestigious Beijing firm. Moreover, Frédérique was selected to represent Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in Berlin in 2017. Her vast knowledge in fields such as artificial intelligence, technology and cybersecurity make her a great promoter of innovation and help ensure that her clients will meet all challenges that lay ahead. Finally, over the last few years, Frédérique has been developing her expertise in the equine and agricultural industry, in order to better understand the needs of local farmers and ensure the prosperity of their businesses.